Bespoke Interior Design

Timeless. Classic. Beautiful. A cohesive look that flows, understanding your lifestyle and that reflects YOUR personality.

Design that’s an extension of you.

My goal is to uncover who you are, your aspirations, tastes and everything in between to design a space that reflects everything you are.

Doesn’t just look great, but highly functional.

Great looking decor is awesome, but does it make life easier for you? Imagine the perfect marriage between timeless design, aesthetics and functionality… Now, you are truly home.

An array of services specific to your requirements.

From decluttering services that re-organise your storage space to complete interior design services in Camden, Oran Park, Glen Alpine and other suburbs in South West Sydney, Indigo Interiors is a one-stop-shop that aims to turn your space in your haven.

Save time, money and energy to do things that matter.

Shopping around for furniture and other items is not easy. Plus, something that looks great in-store or on a website or magazine, may not look the same at home. Imagine the time, money and energy you spend on going from shop to shop, making countless decisions, questioning your selections, and at the end you are disappointed that you feel it lacks the ‘wow’ factor.

Beautiful Spaces. Interior Solutions For Anywhere.


A complete styling service, Façade to interior.

I’ll select every element of your home, be it colour surface and finishes for your new build

Decorate My Home

I’ll select everything for your interior needs, procure the products on your behalf and fit it all out.  You don’t need to lift a finger!

Bespoke and On-The-Spot

You want to refresh your space with the existing furniture and décor items?


Do you want to do the decorating yourself but need help to buy the items you need to achieve your desired look?

We’ll do the shopping together – I’ll advise on layout, placement and styling!



Need help organising difficult spaces? Kitchens, Laundries and garages come to mind…