Meet Mia

When I was at university doing my I.T. degree; I used my savings to make substantial changes to my bedroom. I had the smallest room in the house but I really loved the cosy feeling it gave me. I painted, wallpapered and refurnished it. Being a crafty person, I added a few personal touches so my room truly reflected my personality.

Fast forward a few years…

My husband and I had the wonderful experience of building our house in a new housing estate. Albeit, I experienced the same daunting feeling others have when faced with a lot of decisions regarding colour, material and fittings choices; I embraced it and enjoyed the entire process. The final result was just like my husband and I wanted. After the build was complete, we then had to consider the furnishing and styling which was yet, another exciting project. Nonetheless, for some of my neighbours the building experience was totally opposite. They found it overwhelming, time-consuming and confusing. They lost sight of the original vision and the result was disappointing, frustrating and expensive. Inspired by my own experience, I enrolled at the School of Colour and Design in Sydney and graduated as an Interior Stylist. I have enjoyed every project I have undertaken, whether it is decorating a single room or an entire house, providing colour advice, sourcing products and bringing a concept to fruition. It amazes me how much I learn from homeowners, their tastes, their style preferences and the manner in which they trust and enable me to translate facets of their personality into the décor. This gives me a real sense of satisfaction and achievement.

What drives me…

I’ve always been inspired by the way our surroundings makes us feel. Even by rearranging furniture in a space can freshen up the layout and it makes us feel like revitalised, invigorated and energised. There is a unique relationship between the homeowner, their personality and their style. I work closely with the homeowners to understand their lifestyle, likes and dislikes, their day-to-day activities in order to develop a design which will work to suit their needs; expresses their individual taste and personality without compromising function. My philosophy is to ensure that the design delivers a functional and optimal layout aligned to the homeowner’s brief.

Since 1990…

I have always had a passion for colour and decorating. As a child I used to spend endless hours drawing house plans and interiors as well as making 3-D models from cardboard, wood or whatever material I could find. As an adolescent, my idea of a perfect day was to rearrange the furniture and try different looks at my parents’ house.

Why Choose Me?

Lifetime of Experience

Building my own home several times over, and decorating homes for family, friends and clients.

I Custom Everything

Nothing I do is ‘off-the-shelf’. Instead I put a personal touch in the entire process from start to finish.

I come to you

Don’t let life get in the way of a new look for your home. I can come to you at a time that best suits.