Meet Mia - Creator of Alluring Spaces

Crafting beautiful, professional and timeless interiors reflecting your style, personality and lifestyle.

About Mia, Designer, Interior Decorator and Home Organiser

I’ve always been inspired by the way our surroundings makes us feel.

Even by rearranging furniture in a space can freshen up the layout, leaving us revitalised, invigorated and energised.

As a home interior decorator I’ve learned there is a unique correlation between the homeowner, their personality and their style. We define who we are and what our journey has been thus far by the way we style our homes and display much-loved objects.

I work closely with the homeowners to understand their lifestyle, day-to-day activities and aspirations. This enables me to develop design concepts that suit their needs and express their personality without compromising function.

My philosophy as an interior decorator is to ensure that my design delivers a delightful, functional and optimal layout aligned to the homeowner’s brief.

Before becoming an interior decorator, I walked in your shoes

My husband and I had a very positive experience when we built our house. Albeit, I experienced the same daunting feeling you have when faced with decisions regarding colour, material and fittings choices. I welcomed it with open arms. Of course, we had a wonderful builder who guided us in the process, and the helped a lot. The final result was exactly what my husband and I wanted.

After building our home, we had our next project – furnishing and styling. I was excited!

My neighbours, on the other hand, found the entire process of building and styling frustrating, overwhelming and time-consuming. Most of them ended up disappointed. They had overspent and wasted a lot of time.

I wished I could have helped them to make this experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

Inspired by my own experience and theirs, I enrolled at the School of Colour and Design in Sydney and graduated as an Interior Stylist. It took me some time to transition from my corporate job to working on my own as a commercial and home interior designer.

Each project, whether big or small, highlights how much I learn from homeowners, their tastes, their style preferences and the manner in which they trust and enable me to translate facets of their personality into the decor.

I have enjoyed every project I have undertaken, whether it is decorating a single room or an entire house, providing colour advice, sourcing products and bringing a concept to fruition.

Seeing my client’s expressions of delight underscores everything I do.