4 Tips to get started on your Laundry Makeover Project


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May 11, 2021 | 0 comments

“Abandon hope all ye who enter here”, mumbles your laundry room from a desolate corner of your beautiful home.

I’m sure most of you can relate.

No? Let me give you the backstory of how the laundry becomes the unwanted stepchild of any home improvement project. 

I ask my clients what they really dislike when it comes to housework – washing the bathroom, cleaning the shower cubicle, cooking, weeding the garden, and more. 

However, one chore trumped them all to be crowned the most hated – doing the laundry. 

Unlike most other chores, there is no way around it. And it is never-ending!

We don’t make it any better for ourselves – the laundry tends to be the most neglected room in the house in terms of functionality and beauty. It is no wonder that we run inside, drop a load of washing, and make a quick getaway! 

“Why do we have to wash and dash?”, I often ask myself. 

“Fine! Let’s put an end to this. How do I design the best laundry?” I hear you ask.

When my clients ask for help with the finishes for their new homes, I include the laundry in the design. The laundry must be designed to be practical, functional, and beautiful, so the homeowners can have a more positive experience.

Not all my clients build new homes to make a bespoke design, but I get a lot of satisfaction transforming existing laundries into beautiful spaces. The best part is that you can get started on your own!

Here are my 4 tips to get started on your laundry makeover project:

1. Assess your current needs

  • List down all the activities you perform in the laundry – washing, ironing, folding, and storing cleaning supplies & equipment. 
  • Examine the storage requirements for the equipment used in these activities – when ironing do you use ironing aids, a lint brush; do you mend or sew fallen buttons? List them down. 
  • Identify what can be stored in drawers, determine what to store in the lower/upper cupboards and any vertical storage you might require.
  • Know where and how your “bulk buy” items will be stored? Can they be moved to the garage?  

2. Consider the size and layout of your laundry – make the best use of the available space

Measure the laundry area and sketch it on a piece of paper. Include the tub, washing machine and any obstructions you may have. If you are lucky enough to have the space, assign areas for each activity and the corresponding storage needs for each activity, so everything is within reach.

If your laundry is not large, you may need to get creative to maximise space. Don’t forget that you can utilise the vertical space. 

Can you hang the drier on the wall to free up space? 

Or, if you need ironing and folding space, can you change your top loader to a front loader; place it next to the drier and run the benchtop over the two appliances? This way you have the space to do the folding.

Look for any awkward nooks where you can hang some open shelving, or that may serve as hanging space for drip drying delicate garments.  

If you iron and currently must carry the ironing board to the lounge room or kitchen to iron, consider incorporating a fold out iron in a drawer or a pull-down ironing board from the wall.

3. Make it fun!

I HATE IRONING! There, I said it!

If you are one of those lucky few who enjoy ironing, power to you. 

Mere mortals like myself need alternate “hacks” to make it enjoyable. 

Here’s my sneaky little motivator – a TV on the benchtop. 

Yes, I treat myself to some guilt-free Netflix whenever I iron. So much so that I’ve begun to enjoy ironing, not once, but at least thrice a week!

No TV? No problem. Set up your laptop or tablet and indulge in some YouTube videos. Usually, you’d find that the background noise is enough to get you through your chores. 

If TV is not your thing, how about a Bluetooth speaker that you can bop to or sing along to your favourite tunes instead? Or listen to your favourite podcast. The sky is the limit!

4. Beautify the space

Feel free to add your own touch to make the area your own. 

Surround yourself with plants and accessories that reflect your personality and that make you feel good and happy. Keep as much as you can laundry related-though. E.g., You can purchase a glass jar and store-coloured clothes pegs that coordinate with your colour scheme and décor.

An indoor plant or two will add some serenity too. Think Zen. 

There you go – 4 DIY tips to prompt you to get started on your laundry makeover project.

In the next edition of my blog, I will be taking you through the complete process of my laundry makeover project. But in the mean time, go and have a look for The Ultimate Guide to Organising your Laundry Drawer otherwise for more tips and tricks, follow me on social media!

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