Residential Interior Design in South West Sydney

Dear Home Owner,

When designing your home or workspace, are you overwhelmed by the options and do not know where to start, or have you started experimenting and it feels like you’ll never get the perfect space within budget?

You are not alone.

Many home owners face these challenges because they:

  • Just don’t have enough time,
  • Are unable to define their preferred style,
  • Do not know what to purchase, and
  • Find it challenging to mix new and existing pieces for a cohesive look.

This is where I come in!

Home styling interior design that reflects you

Timeless. Classic. Beautiful. A cohesive look that flows, understanding your lifestyle and reflects YOUR personality.

Imagine stepping into your home, room or workspace and feeling absolute bliss and comfort.

Your space, your sanctuary, is an extension of you, your personality, your needs. It not only feels great, it looks distinctive and timeless, and totally Instagram-worthy.

Your visit on my website is a happy coincidence and I’d love to work with you.

I will help bring your dream to fruition without stress and within budget.

How we will take this journey towards achieving your dream space

Stunning interior design is not just about looking great. This can’t be simply modelled after what we see in magazines and social media.

With home styling, we’re not just out to create a beautiful house. We want a ‘home’. A sanctuary. A space where you feel comfortable and whole.

Interior design goes beyond a slick office. It’s about designing a space that is conductive to creativity, focus and amazing work.




It all starts with a phone call: we discuss your interior design problem, I’ll ask you some questions and give you a briefing on the next steps.



If you agree, we’ll proceed to this next step – it’s a face-to-face meet and greet and we will go in-depth about your wants and needs.



I commence working on your brief based on your preferences and budget. We’ll be liasing to narrow down options and choices.



The most exciting part! I’ll provide you with a mood board and take you through the journey of why the items were selected. If required, I will note any changes you’d like to make. Your final sign off will allow us to proceed to the next step.



Your final selections and order processing begins. This may include contractor engagement and other trades.


Practical Completion & Handover

The work is done and you’ll be presented with your new home, room or space to enjoy!

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